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Superior Technology

The strides we have made in the biometric understanding of Thoroughbred performance have led to powerful tools for identifying and training winners. Beyond merely pioneering new technologies, however, EQB has refined the integrated application of these resources to attain a deeper, balanced understanding of a horse's overall physical condition.

For when it comes to evaluating Thoroughbreds, the capacity to recognize outstanding attributes is only as useful as the degree of sophistication with which you can appraise those attributes in the context of a horse's total makeup. As such, our multi-pronged approach artfully incorporates traditional methods, such as conformation, with advanced techniques including patented cardiovascular and proprietary gait characteristics analysis.

On the whole, EQB has created the world's largest collection of physical data on Thoroughbreds -- representing over 50,000 horses from pre-auction to post-career -- and no other competitor comes even close to possessing such a detailed and strategically-modeled wealth of information.

{ NOTE: Beware !! there are unscrupulous veterinarians out there peddling unproven undocumented theories. Ask for independent published refereed studies to back up their claims to making money from you. Slick marketing materials are not legitimate research.  }